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Case Study - Emma's Bridal Gown

This case study provides you with a description of how a WBMS bride order a gorgeous sheath satin gown and bridal millinery for her outdoor wedding.

Client Name: Emma Heath
Case Study: Help Emma find a gorgeous wedding dress that would be suitable for her outdoor wedding.
Total Bridal No. of Appointments: 3. 
Time: 45mins - 1 hour.
Fabrics: Duchess satin, lining , beading
Silhouette: Sheath
Accessories: Bridal Millinery with hand made flowers.

Emma is a time poor bride looking for a beautiful gown. Her friends at work referred her to Helen Constance. She came in with an open mind to find something beautiful for her outdoor wedding.
First Bridal Appointment. Time: 1hr
After speaking with bridal designer,  Helen Constance, Emma was invited to try three styles. Emma was clear in describing her needs and the styles that would appeal to her. It was no suprise that Emma ordered the second dress she tried on. She likes the gown for its simplicity and luxurious details. The silhouette projects a vintage style while the satin and beaded lace yoke convey a luxurious finish. The fit and length was perfect for her in the first fitting. Helen matched the dress with a stunning hand-made bridal headpiece. Emma loved it and she paid the gown in full and signed the contract at this fitting.
Second Bridal Appointment. Time: 1 hr
A second appointment is required three months from her order. A brand new gown was completed and presented to her. She lost weight as many brides often do, especially since it was close to her wedding. Her shoes were brought in for the checking of the hem length.  This fitting also enables us to pin the bustle up and determined where to put the button and loop.
Third Bridal meeting. Time: 1 hr
A third fitting was required to ensure all alterations are done precisely. Emma is very pleased with the gown and bustle. She was also presented with the head piece that she ordered. She is excited with the outcome of gown and bridal headpiece.

Photo: Emma ordered this dress. She loves the simplicity and luxurious finish of the gown.
Photo: Emma at her final fitting. The gown is a perfect fit. Her bustle buttons and loops are complete.

 Photo: Emma Heath is wearing a hand-made bridal millinery piece she ordered from WBMS.

Photo: Emma at her outdoor wedding.

Photo: Emma and her beau on their wedding day.

Image: Emma gave WBMS 5-stars on her Facebook Review.

Case Study - Anny's Wedding Dress and Red Reception Gown

This case study should provide you with a description of how a real life WBMS bride order and customised her wedding dress and reception gown.

Client Name: Anny Huang
Case Study: Design a wedding gown for Anny that is original and incorporate the colour purple.
Total Amount of Fittings: 6 fittings. Each fitting: 45minutes - 1 hour.
Fabrics: Tulle, Horse Hair, Duchess Satin.
Trims: Hand-made fabric flowers.
Silhouette: Ball Gown
Anny came in with her mum and her dad. She is looking for something original for her wedding.
First Bridal Meeting. Time: 1hr
Anny shared with us her interests in design. She enjoys fashion and is looking for wedding dress that is original and fun. After trying on a few ball gowns, she settled on a gown with structural bodice and cups. She fell in love the hand-made flowers we specialise in. So we suggested to her that we could incorporate purple elements that she likes into shoulder sash and belt, which we can add to her gown. She was thrilled at the idea and decided to order the bridal gown. After she paid the 60% deposit and signed the contract, we took her measurements.
First fitting. Time: 1hr
After the initial meeting, Anny arranged to have her first fitting three month later. She wanted to start fitting after she achieved her fitness goals. As expected, her first fitting shows that a significant amount of weight had been lost. We had to take in her wedding dress for her. Anny was one size smaller, we had to resize the cups and add additional padding into bust area.
Second fitting. Time: 45 minutes
Anny came in and had another fitting. The dress is now fitting better. At the second fitting we wanted to work with her to come up with the floral decorations for her shoulder sash and belt. We work with her suggestions and pins hand-made flowers onto the sash on a mannequin to help her visualize the final outcome. Her suggestions of pink and purple flowers were incorporated into the final shoulder sash and bridal belt.
Photo: Hand-made flowers pinned on a shoulder sash. Mannequin helps Anny visualise the final outcome.
Third fitting. Time: 45 minutes
Shoulder sash and belt with hand-made flowers are now hand finished. We pin the sash in at the neckline and put the belt on for Anny to show her what it would look like. This help determined the tension required before we sew in the sash. She was very pleased with the hand sewing and finishes. However, she lost more weight and we had to take in more at the centre back to give her a tighter fit. While her mum was present, her mum suggested a three-tiered veil. We will achieve this veil in the next fitting.
Photo: Her shoulder sash is pinned on the bodice to determine tension required before we sew the sash in.

Fourth fitting fitting. Time: 45 minutes
Sash is now sewn in. Her veil is complete as per her mum’s suggestion. Anny was very pleased with the results thus far, she went on to order an additional gown in red for her reception.
Fifth fitting fitting. Time: 45 minutes
Anny had to come in to get her hem cut. We had to move her horse hair details up to retain integrity of the gown design since we had to cut the hem to fit her height. The red gown is sewn up. She tried on her red gown, and had to get the hem adjusted.
Sixth fitting fitting. Time: 45 minutes
Anny is presented with the finished wedding gown. Hem finished, veil complete, shoulder sash and belt - hand sewn. She was excited about the outcome. She is also presented with the red gown, now finished. She tried it on with her belt. She enjoyed glowing reviews from her family and friends.


Photo: Anny in her bridal gown on the final fitting.

Photo: Anny in her red reception gown with split, on the final fitting.

Photo: Anny and partner Bosco on their wedding day.
Photo: Anny and Bosco at their reception dinner.

Anny’s 5 stars google review for WBMS Bridal;